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We all know that death means leaving our souls from us.That is the reality,but If this is a real why it is so mysterious.Nobody knows what happen when you die or do we really die.In Islam only our body die ,our soul keep living.We believe that, we are going to enter an other universe .Is  that means death or changing your life .I could not decide and actually when I started to talk about death a lot of questions appear in my mind . I would like answers these questions but then other question comes.It is the biggest secret which everybody will know one day.


Dogs are People’s Best Friends

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Why People Destroy Animals

Pandas, jaguar , leopard are my favourite animals, but people are trying to kill them .There is no jaguar in the world , because they are killed .There are only  a little pandas in the world.They are many leopards but people kill them to use their leathers.They kill them to look beautiful.To get a coat for their leathers , they kill leopard.What kind of wildness is this?They deserve to live.They are beautiful in their wild world.They are the most beautiful animals I have ever seen.People are murderer of animals. People are murderer of enviroment.People are murderer of world.

Feng Shui

Feng means wind and shui means water.In chinese culture wind and water are associated with good  health, thus good feng shui came to mean food fortune , while bad feng shui means bad luck, or misfortune.Feng shui based on the Taoist vision and understanding of nature , particularly on the idea that land is alive and filled with Chia , or energy.For achieving good feng shui , you should use furnuture in true places and also colours has many meaning for feng shui. Here are the some proverbs from feng shui and Chienese                                                                           * The tangue is like a sharp knife , it kills without drawing blood                                                                          *He who controls the front door, controls the house.(Be sure to carry a key to the front door ) z1-vdAlpgzsAlQFUUVcS81XzHfvO6GbDzBhOFxf6wp2EDVj9kMhJ279fJoR6K8MapInyayU-Kd1j3INncjEzJvWO4Jj0D71m4v5U9VjwClLPa00DHNERxWjSusA4iTQU835w=w384-h384-nc xEludzn5ao5Hq3yveb7YqxKqwCPe1hc5A9O5T_jvhJ6wm66kLQfV370k0h9LOSIlNAeV4BNGXFREzuzND-1TByp7yp0Be3r1DDeTsV3s3hrNdcCyjG0AT6E5avk_X0X-r5A6axXfv77ocid5peRmyWEgegfY=w456-h323-nc BfvEicO-VSCfIAilYdsy2fU3dUNk3lnhW0n--XUcX9Ya2OFMjMGv7ktQQ27jBE9cvusgVcyGTxbScVLeAL7BdAh8_RmFQlOUHVW_OG5QjTx-KrEDrV2T6hTCTWOQr2KrDCFROORVZ1I=w384-h384-nc

Animals are Freezing because of Cold

While we were sitting in  our homes, life have become to hard survive  for animals which live in streets.Some of them die becuse they cannot find any places to live.They have fur , but that is not enough to protect them from cold.The weather is so cold.We can built small shanties for them or we can put water in front of our houses cause If cats do not drink water for 6 hours in a day especially in cold , they can die.Help them.Be concious about them . unnamed (11)

Blue Butterfly

O3zmYDdc1vJicWLN9cMXuCpoLqJlF8NvOf7bYUgyCoVfThv-M-WNvOXeMewg5xbCp1wI7YLWvtdXYl1pjauIhwJYYX0vmzrBUju6e75esLDf7IHQgRDMdMjGeAhZ=w460-h288-nc XFKtDt5YtbB2XJEicytidAoFZQoYmNSlRv-wij3-x8_giq-Aqq1u7y8hZRrSh4CStQhCV_RpfcURgabnW2guLN53MwyoxeZmyXmIIbwKGC-b9N9I7y8kYqgV53GJHdx0YcscwT9m3Q=w443-h332-nc Blue+Butterflies+TreeI always love butterflies but the blue one is my favourite.I saw them in a tv series.There was an earthquake when it stopped suddenly butterflies covered the city. That really impressed me  cause I have never seen them before.After that I have started to search about them.Their scientific name is polyommatus icarus.Male has blue wings with black brown border and thin white fringe.Female brown, similar to Brown Argus but with blue dusting near body .The common blue is the most widespread bluse butterdly in Britain and Ireland and is found in variety of grassy habitats.It is also found on waste ground, golf courses and urban habitats such as cemeties.So it is impossible to find them in Turkey .


Fashion is love .Fashion is position.Fashion is sky.Fashion is rainbow.Fashion can everything which you really like.Fashion is not you should wear same things with people in same time.Fashion is wearing everything which you feel beautiful in or comfortable. Most of people claim that they wear perfectly cause they feel wonderful in their clothes .That is the fashion.Fashion cannot have limit.İt cannot have rules.It is freedom.It is wonderful way of expressing yourself,showing your feelings. Be free and do not obey the ‘fashion rules which people put ‘.Create your fashion cause fashion want creativity …

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