Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes.You can love everything. You love your mum,you love music,you love a dress,you love your children,but falling in love with someone is such a terrible feeling.There is biological meaning of love,but why there is no solution.My friend fall in love but it is an impossible love.She say I feel like I am diying without him.If there is about  our brain , our physology,our biologic system why these  cannot prevet suffering .What happens in our brain when we fall in love. I had a experience from my friend and  she behave like crazy when she saw him. She say that I cannot live without him , but she have never met him before.How can she feel like this. I do not want to taste this feelings , but I learned that from her , love make us older in oung age .

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Glass Beach

Last day I  saw  a beach on the newspapers.Its name is glass beach and it is in California. People in California was using this beach like a rubbish. It had become like a rubbish heap  and their goverment had decided to prevent people to use   there. .The California State Water Resources Control Board and city leaders closed the area in 1967.Various cleanup programs were undertaken through the years to correct the damage. Over the next several decades the pounding waves cleaned the beach, by breaking down everything but glass and pottery and tumbling those into the small, smooth, colored pieces that cover Glass Beach.

There are three Glass Beach sites in Fort Bragg where trash was dumped into ocean between 1906 and 1967. Glass Beach Site Two and Three (1943-1949) are located at the end of the path that begins on the corner of Elm Street and Glass Beach Drive. These sites are accessible by foot and by a short climb down the cliffs surrounding the beach. Site One (1906-1943) is located south of Sites Two and Three and can only be accessed by water because there is no trespassing on the cliffs above the cove.That show us people do not deserve something and their government forbid them to rearch there cause they damaged the enviroment, but enviroment offer them beauty 🙂

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The Most Complicated Word in The World

Who knows the meaning of life?It is so complicated.People sometimes smile .Poeple sometimes cry.They always have different problems. When you solved one of them,After another one comes.You should struggle to reach something .You can be failer Although you struggled or Sometimes  Life offer you some gifts immediately.When you fed up struggling ,you can lost everything .I am so tired because of searcing meaning of life. I am so tired being sorry.(Enrique İglesias my favourite song ) . I am so tired because of losting. I can not follow the life.What is it purpose ? What it wants of me ? Someting are absent in my life , but finding what are they will take long time. tumblr_mhtrjyv7qd1qkhwxvo1_500


Dance is meaning of life for me. I really do not know how I can dance but I only dance how I want .I have been listening  music since I was a child. Music  activate me to dance. When music and dance come together ,it is like a dream.They take you from life.You do not think anything.You feel life just for a moment. You feel love in your body. Boolywood is one of the important thing for music and dance. Their musics and dances are very energetic .I wish we could live like a boolywood ‘s movies. I wish Dance could be in our life.Also boolywood’s actress are so beautiful. Dance befit them so much. That’s the one of the most important reason why I lke boolywood’s dance 🙂

The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking was born on 8 January 1942. He was born in Oxford. He’s a British. His fields are mathematics,physicist and Cosmology. S. Hawking is an English theoretical, physicist and mathematician. Hawking suffers from a rare, early-onset slow-progessing form of ALS or motor neurone disease gradually paralysed him over the decades. He curent communicates by using a single cheek muscle attached to a speech-generating device. Hawking married twice and has three children. He worked in the Cambridge University. His important achievements in the infinite universe, Black Holes, Big Bang and Hawking radiation. Awards which he has taken Albert Einstein Medal, CBE, Walf Prize in Physicist, Prince of Asturas and Copley Medal. He married 2 times. They names are Elaine Mason, Jane Wilde. He has a child by first wife and then he has 2 children by second wife. Stephen Hawking is best theorical physicist after from then Einstein. His books expanded children’s imagination. He was never hesitated by problems. This atteched me very much. He is a person that really thinks about life positively. His devotion to his job and effort to be helpful people impressed me.

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Dream Catcher

Last night my elder sister went to fair with his friend. They bought something from there. She bought something for me , too.There was a thing which is really interesting.She bought a dream catcher for me .As a Native American legend is told by hanging a dream catcher over your sleeping a  area the bad dreams will be deterred by the bead in the feathers will attract and allow  the good dreams to pass throught. I do not believe it but I like it.



I am going to study economics exam.Economics is the best lesson which i really love , but did not have time to study it.When you study economics , you use your brain. You feel that your brain is working . I really like this feeling.I understand that you should follow the economics lesson each day. In only one day you cannot finish the whole units.It takes long time and it is also hard to understand everything only in one night.After that i will never try to study in one night.I hope i can finish the whole chapters. Wish me luck.